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Mattel Synsonics

The Mattel Synsonics from 1982 is an analog drum pad computer with 4 sounds that can be played with the 4 velocity-sensitive pads. The sounds cannot be altered, only the bass drum can be tuned with a control knob.

This little drum machine's sound is really phat, analog and unique, making it a much-searched-for device with iconic status. Next to the drum pads, each instrument is represented by 3 buttons which can play a 4ths, 8ths or 16ths sequence of its respective sound in the selected tempo. On top, 3 memory cells enable you to save a complete drum pattern by using the buttons.

The simple analog technology allows very interesting modifications, so I granted mine a 2nd casing holding all functions I need:

[Abbildung] [Abbildung]

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